Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was not paid for this endorsement

Took advantage of SunTan City $5 spray tan promo (thanks Rhonda!!!) and opted for Medium Clear which sounds like a waste of money but "clear" actually means you get darker over the next six hours as oppoosed to popping out looking all oopma loompa right away. You oompa loompa the next day. I suggested they change the name to "Delayed" to prevent confusion but the counter boy was already mad at me for declining the UV option while loudly declaring "That will kill you" in a full lobby. Last time I did this I was in paper underware getting shot with cold spray and some strangers face inches away from my hooha. This time I was warm, alone and out in 6 minutes. It was a miracle. We can't cure cancer but in our very own city there is a technological wonderment of perfect looking fake tan application