Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kraft ID Gum. Oh Snap

Does the world need another gum? Why, yes, we do. Especially when it is not only killing the onion breath but also comes with cool graphics designed by young artists like Kraft's new ID Gum. Oh yeah and thanks to a super secret formula magnet the pack stays closed in your purse. So you can, as they say "stay minty not linty". It's also fun to snap when you're feeling figit-ey. You know what would be kind of cool? If the graphics on the package had perforated edges so you can tear them off and collect them. The art is really that amazing.

On a sad note, I got word that Harloh's is closing. Tammy was a formidable player in the vintage world and her Fountain Square shop was alwasy a dream to peruse. Perhaps she will pop up somewhere else later. We hope