Sunday, August 12, 2012

At Helmet, no less

As much as I tried and tried to save up $1800 for the Alexander McQueen skull ring knuckle clutch I could never manage it. Too many shoe sales. I scored this almost as nice but not really BCBG one, (nicer in person) which has cool rhinestones across the top so it looks like you are wearing rings or just a really fancy brass knuckle set. Which I DID NOT NEED during the recent Helmet/Toadies show @ The Vogue. Most non mosh pit ever despite big talking from the skinhead next to me. I did get kicked in the face by the lone crowd surfer so it was almost like old times but he was quickly dropped (see: LAME) and ended up not even leaving a mark on me, a far cry from the bloody nose Marilyn Manson incident of '92 or the Ministry Black Eye Dramedy Tour