Monday, August 13, 2012

Lots of clearance yay for me

The next round of Target specialty shops has been publicized and will drop Sept 9. The Curiosity Shop-clever knick knack-ies (much like the Fred Flare line in stores now), Kirna Zabete- boutique with no discernable design style except other peoples, Patch NYC- home goods based in Boston and some mens line Odin? Odun? Dunno yawn. Being midwestern based, I can appreciate the reach the creatives at the T must apply but I have to say this mess is a bit of a fail. KZ is a shop, not a design center and I doubt 98% of the US has ever heard of them and therefore won't get why the need to buy their $199 leather jacket. As Far as Patch NYC goes, why yes I appreciate the charm of a squirrel lamp but believe me the masses will not get this in a Million. Years. Do I need to come out there?