Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Set and match

When I was running track in high school, I insisted on wearing my Adidas shell toe sneakers instead of spikes which I thought looked "gay". Though I did kick ass in the 400, holding the school record for all of two years, ha ha Virginia Graber, I wonder how much better I would have done if I was properly equipped. While I was running for free, I just cannot understand why a professional athlete, who gets PAAAYED, wouldn't want to make the most of their performance unencumbered by frippery. I am talking to you, Williams sisters of the chandelier earrings. Seriously, aren't you going to put an eye out? I can't even work out without a headband, so much is the distraction of hair in my face that I need to just stop running on the treadmill, RIGHT NOW. Anyway, big hoopla about this year tennis outfit. It look functional but a little hot. I can't imagine it is made of a performance fabric, it seems so poly loungy. I think I even had a jumpsuit just like it in my vintage store at one time. I'd wear it out if it came in black satin if the fly front would become invisible. Really, is that necessary?