Friday, June 13, 2008

simply vera stout shoppe

Vera Wang, know for her amazingly simple yet expensive wedding dresses has jumped the shark. She has created a line for the perpetually "biggest sale ever" Kohls encompassing apparel, housewares and linens. OK, maybe I am a little put off by Kohls since my Christmas experince of a checkout line that looped all the way around the store. Twice. But I tried to keep an open mind as I sauntered in to check out the new spring line. Hey, surprise, I'd wear this. Some really cute dresses with OK construction, understated embellishment, and deep rich colors. But I could not buy a thing. Nope, not one thing because all of it was too frickin' big. Normally this would thrill me. But it more like this line will NEVER fit me because the Kohls VW does not believe in XS or petite and the small was more like an 6 to 8. I know this was not VW's idea because my tiniest sister had a Vera Wang wedding dress and it certainly fit her. Husband, not so much. Anyway, I can see how they like pandering to your average American woman but really, does a high fashion designer need to do this? I am sorry but I am not spending $70 in alterations on a $39 on sale dress. No.