Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shop the NAP

Net-A-Porter was a forerunner in internet sales of high end designer clothing, a concept no one thought it would work. Traditional retailers felt buyers of such expensive clothing needed to touch and try on. Well, NAP sure has shown them, selling over 3 million Euros of clothing a month this year. Shockingly, I had never purchased anything from there until recently, though I had cruised it many times. Last week did I just got this cute Juicy Dress and about 10 trees of packaging from them. This is a pretty small dress. It came in a plastic bag wrapped in a large NAP dust bag, wrapped in tissue, surrounded by more crumpled tissue in a large box. I ship a lot of stuff, so I am thrilled to get it for reuse, but doesn't it seem a little overkill? Hey, you know what Indianapois needs? a recycling station for packing materials that heavy homebased shippers like myself can raid.