Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New store!!!

I was driving down College Avenue the other day and spotted a new little shop next to Yat's. While totally distracted by the thoughts of Crawfish Etouffe, I managed to park and check it out. Be Bon Vivant, 5367 North College, is all gifts, all the time. Well, ok, they do carry C Company rugs, which can be ordered in your choice of size and are totally arty modern patterns. And they had some sort of bar set up at the back which made me really want a sidecar, but mostly it is really fun housewares, pajamas, baby stuff and, unusually so, great men's gifts like Hermes inspired ties and cuff links. You can of course treat yourself with a small jewelry selection and tons, i mean tons, of purses. Lots of patent from mat & nat ($160) and some really great tapestry ones from Glenda gris (biggest one $360). Seems like a big leap for a virgin shop keeper in these harsh economic times but I think it will work because, you know what? People always need a gift. Birthday, baby, new house, is endless. Regifters: believe me, you will run our of never opened wedding presents soon enough. So check it out but call me when you leave "cause I might want some Chili Cheese E

Do you like my new hair?