Thursday, June 12, 2008

pick a winner

The bane of my summer existance as a child was U pick. Be it beans or strawberries, my mother had to force us into the car, listen to endless "picking boogers" jokes and poke us with sticks to get us to even bend at the waist over those damn plants. As we got older we used to wear head scaves and sing "swing low" just to irritate her and everyone else in the vacinity. Today I VOLUNTARILY went to a U pick strawberry patch and while it was still not very fun I think I dressed correctly. Circa 1960's wrap skirt with hilarious cartoon bear tableau has matching tote bag (not shown) and side ponytails as a shout out to mom in her mod molly days. No, really, I have seen pictures

Good news! Got the waitlist email and those gladiator sandals are a mere $150 ($165 for embossed snake print) On my way to trend city! Or ebay, if I hate them