Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gym in a shoes? Gimmie a break

Bliss http://www.bliss.com/ has always touted their supremely ugly MBT shoe which allegedly tones your legs just walking about in them. Well, if that were true that would be the only way I would put them on my feet and then only when it was dark. Just FUGLY. For summer you can try the Fit Flops which you can get at Bath and Body Works. Same concept same orthopedic look. Yawn. But then I saw these high fashion gladiator style. At first I thought "nice try to sex up those nasty things" At second thought it looked a little too rock and roll for me and i am just not fond of flats. but now they have started to grow on me. . well, ok now i'm obsessed especially since I cannot find out how much they cost. I have pre ordered them at Kirna Zabete http://www.kirnazabete.com/ and are supposed to be in mid June so i guess i better sell something to be prepared. I mean, how much can they mebe? A hundred dollars? three hundred dollars? Guess we'll see. They come in python too, which seem to be a styling overkill, i you know what i mean