Sunday, June 29, 2008

don't shop- say what?

Once someone told me that anti-drug laws were a conspiracy of the garment industry because fabric made of hemp would last forever and then people wouldn't need to buy new clothes. Now I know drug addicts will say just about anything to justify their life choices but this one had me eye rolling to the max. I don't know anyone who NEEDS clothing. Clothing will be given to you for free.

There is no one walking around naked because they can't get clothing. People buy new clothes because they want to. In Intake Magazine this week, Jenny Elig, writes about her vow not to buy any new clothes for a year. She has allowed herself new underwear, let's not get gross, but no newly manufactured clothing. Her article was mostly about how she had refurbed some stuff she already owned and some thrift shop adventures. Very cute redo on her current garments, I particularly like the Elizabethan collar jacket, but as a former shop owner it sends a chill through me. Can she last? It is only June so we shall see. BTW, JE is super cute in person, her Intake avatar does not do her justice

Harry and Izzys for drinks last night but passed on dinner as it had the most uninspired, cliched steakhouse menu ever. Sorry, Peyton. A big thanks to the girl in the bathroom at the Slippery Noodle for telling me my dress was all hiked up on the back. She gets big no-TP-on-the-shoe karma for ever.

Vivianne Tam dress from Gilt Groupe with yet again, the corset belt. I forgot to get a photo last night so you'll have to see it on Manny. Unbelted, it is fun and flowy though a little prenatal.