Friday, June 20, 2008

Copyright infringement

Fishers is weird little town. It had nothing, i mean NOTHING as far as shopping goes. They it had some kind of gold rush or something and now there is everything right there off 96th street. Right at the edge before it turning into Geist is teeny plaza that has a few clothing stores worth noting. Well, minus one soon, as Lucy Lou is closing. Always really cute baby and girl apparel as well as gifty things, this shop was always really fun and got lots of press. I am a little partial because the vintage fridge door Danielle used to display her magnets came from me. Right now everything is 30% off and the display furniture is for sale. Vulture that i am, i got a few Paul Frank shirts for the kids and a shirt for me whose slogan I am totally going to steal for my fashbash shirts but maybe tweek it a little to "fat and nice" or "fat and boring". I am not sure which is better. Anyway i hope they call me when it goes to 75%, i could do some serious damage to that inventory

I skedaddled next door to Platos Closet which I usually avoid but a "buy 1 get 2 free" lured me in. I got some obviously lost Chloe white jeans, a pink shrunken seersucker stripe jacket and a Vera Bradley bag to resell

Zoey's in that same strip. Admittedly, I was not thrilled when i first walked in, seeing the Clique Boutique Decor Review Show that opened 20 years ago starring a boa, a chandelier and a shoe chair. I was also a little alarmed to see a beaded evening gown section but maybe they have pageant clientele, I just don't know. Things perked up around the sale rack as I found some unusual Qi crocheted cashmere sweaters and Sweetees shirts, alas too big for moi. A little denim, cute level 99 jeans in a flared trouser style a standout. Really really liked the Twisted Heart appliqued velour outfit until I realized it was indeed a sweatsuit. Oddball selection of jewelry but a line by LALO really caught my eye. Has a whimsical DIY look but very cute and personable, like a gift you'd buy a good friend or sister. Zoey's has a small gift line of leather goods like passport covers and bedazzed bride tee's and hoodies