Monday, June 30, 2008

Missoni Mission

You know what they say: if you wear a fashion trend once, you are too old to wear it again? I kinda disagree since I have a pair of leggings, appliqued t shirt and hotpants currently in rotation. But I do agree once you get to a certain age, you really need to watch it with the granny fashion, Fitted wiggle 50's dress? Timeless. Ironic plaid poly pull on pants? Not so much. It does not look retro it looks POOR. Sometimes even high fashion can trick you. Take Missoni for instance. This hugely expensive knit house has got it going on for over 40 years, YET. The trademark chevron pattern has tuned up in many a Alfred Donner cardigan. This brand needs to be seriously fitted or it is frump city. Since that youngin' Marguerite has been the new face it has been quite enticing. I have been dying to get my hands on a Missoni dress but nothing has turned up on the sale rack that is a)fitting properly b) Missoni enough. Why on earth would I pay $600 for a black cardigan??? Gimmie the wave, baby