Sunday, June 8, 2008

Emerald cut preferred NEVER marquis

When you hear the words: garden wedding at an estate, don't you think, HAT? Well, I attended one this weekend and I was the only one thinking that apparently. But, whatever, the seersucker suited FOG was impressed, as was I, with his choice of outfit. Check out the dress: Karl Lagerfield resort 1984, still looks very modern, I wish you could see the collar, it is super long and pointy. I am excited to wear feathers, it's an older hat, but it will have to do for my fetish until I can get my hands on a black feather Prada skirt OR that black and white Worth one from 2006

I had a friend who worked at Hudsons with me in my college summers who was a jewelry fiend. We would cut out photos of great rings and tape them to our fingers or xerox the pages of jewelry ads in Town and Country magazine with our hand poked thru a slit so it looked like we were wearing them. Fun! 2 big (real) diamond rings later I am kinda over it, but these mugs at Fred Flare are really fun. I think I'll send her one, just because