Thursday, August 11, 2011

State Fair checklist

Steak Sandwich
Teeny tiny donkey
Free stuff you will throw away immediately
Escapee boob

Word about the bracelet party. Inspired by a business deal and summer in general. Harder to pull off then it looks as far as procurement. Raid the Kohls, JCPenney or F21 bracelet section, focusing on the clearance rack (otherwise it will cost you $500). You need to narrow it down to subsets like color or style or it will be a mess. Have fun with it and ignore the clerk stink eye about your little piles. Myself? Brown and red/pink w gold metals in boho. Also try : Rainbow colors in tribal. Black and silver in punk. Pastel flowers in girl power
Vintage Acme western boots, Olsenboye dress, Penneys and thrifted bracelets