Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bang bang

Passing through char to the bowels of Weber Grill is the Rhythm Discovery Center aka The Percussive Arts Society. What a fun suprise! From the giant drum that yes you are allowed to bang on to the soundproof studios loaded with drum kits it is a fascinating tho' slightly headache-y inducing trip. There is some no touching stuff, mostly a stroll throughout the world with traditinal costumes and instruments as well as a sound machine like a Rube Goldberg project gone bad from the movie soundtrack world. A huge window allows you to peek into the archives and the gleam of a 1940's glockenspeil was tantilizing. 111 W Washington St. 275-9030

This is my new favorite outfit. Whether you are 5, 35 or 85, nothing beats a kitty shirt, leggings and ballet flats, Though I did, as predicted, spear myself in the ankle with the studded toe several times during the day
Zara shirt, Sam Edelman shoes