Friday, December 9, 2011

The seeker: Historic Indianapolis

It's not fashion-ey but dammit it is by far the best locally based Indianapolis website and I'm not just saying that becasue I have swam in founder Tiffany Benedict Berkson's Greige Garden pool and crashed her kitchen after I got locked out and while obviously in both cases copious amounts of alcohol was involved this should not preclude you from checking out What is the best part? Ladies Lounge on Mondays with photos of adverts and frocks from the past? Or What the Hell Wednesday: the US Weekly equivalent of a fashion don't? Lovely yet comprehensive explanations of the little bits abd structural parts that make up a building big or small (portico anyone)or maybe just the occasional shoutout out to the deceased Antiques on the Square. (oh that's just me). Lordy, there is so much more I can't even BEGIN.... Even if you don't have an old house or are 102 years old dang nabbit you will find something fascinating here. Trust me on this one. PS: Please like on facebook TYVM!/historicindianapolis