Monday, December 19, 2011

I have this outfit

Goddamn I love the Naptown Roller Girls. Wish I wasn't too old to play that shit but I can sure cheer. If you have not been to a bout you must go at once. Well not at once, because the next one isn't until Jan 21 but at any rate put it on your calender. Leave the kids at home and go ringside, sooo exciting that courting death thing. I did take the children so I had to be in a real seat and they were pretty entertained thought much more by the girl throwing up 2 aisles down. Thanks to Joe Shoemaker for the tix, if you need a realtor to sell you a mid mod home he is it, I tell you and thanks to Kurt Flock whose photo I stole right there off of Facebook, he can also sell you a house if you are looking for downtown living.