Monday, October 27, 2008

Shop O the Day

Usually I avoid stores that sell sweaters with holiday appliques, just on general principal. But, I had an hour to kill and a 20% off coupon so into Stein Mart I went. They bill themsleves as designer clothing below department store prices but, please, DKNY and POLO is not designer in my book. Oh, well, yes, they did have some Juicy Couture knee socks and Ed (gag) Hardy bags, not really enough to qualify. SM ranks right up there with Kohls in terms of general mediocrity, but I found a few interesting things among the dreck. This cool flower petal top caught my attention, it was 49.99 but alas only in M and if Iwere some kind of flower child, which I am not, I'd be snapping up these velvet hippie boots by Diba at 59.99. A big rack of Seven Jeans marked down to 34.99 from 59.99 must be some kind of low rent line, at least I am hoping because I know what I paid for mine and honey, not even close. In conclusion, I am still meh on Stien Mart. But their housewares department tries really hard even if still stuck back in 2003