Sunday, October 12, 2008

House of Fifth

The House of Fifth went all out with their fashion launch last night at Forty Five Ten. A red carpet complete with screaming paparazzi and 2 sappy ET like interviewers ushered you in to the Saarinen airport like space. The crowd was decidedly local but I saw nice tries like this bustier over neon cut out shirt, legwarmers pulled down over heels and some weird thermal undershirt with all these military pins and patches. I wish I had more information about this line before I saw it, knowing the philosophy and focus of the company as well as price points would help this reviewer, but HOF seems to prefer the secret spy approach. Lots of screen print soft slouchy tees, long enough to be worn as dresses, sorta. Cute but not special. Obviously the jeans were not their line but was the jewelry? I really liked the polo shirts with the side skewed collars and stripes. I wasn't sure if the underwear presentation was just gratuitous, not much innovation there, and I applaud those brave brave girls bouncing down the runway. Some nice suit/dress looks in a military style with lots of buttons. Some advice? Tell us where we can buy it!!!!

Talbot street for the Avenue Q party. Never been there and I am in lurve. Bangin' techno, drag queens and a big old stage right in the middle you can dance on. I tell you, if I had a pansy posse I'd be there every night.

Oh me? Thomas Wylde top, Target skirt, false eyelashes, vintage beaded clutch