Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Not here

Hoping to see the commes de garcons collection in person at H&M but of course Indiana won't be getting that. They also did not have the black short bubble skirt I was hoping for, so much for basics. Saw lots of funnel neck stuff, which I like a lot, too bad I really really don't need any more coats. Maybe. This was the first time I really shopped hardcore at this store and can I just say? They have a lot of stuff packed on those racks. And crabby, disheveled salespeople. Tons of black, trendy trendy and, daym, so cheap. (the merch, not the sales people)I got a dress, 2 shirts and a humongous scarf for under $100 at full price. Hit Express also for the first time since 1989, only shopped the sale rack today. Dress, skirt and shirt for under $50. They have some straight leg skinny pants that seem to be just what I an looking for, I'll have to try them next Castleton Wednesday