Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween is totally fun. You can wear cat ears to the grocery and no one calls the police. I try to always wear something that will incorporate a tiara like the time I went as an oil slick with a black vinyl dress and a "Miss Valdez" sash. And then there was the B-52 Kate outfit, tiara gratuitous, that because of my giant hair, I could only ride in a car with a sunroof the entire night. For the Trunk or Treat at my kids school this am, all the other perfect parent decorated not only themselves but the back of their cars as well. Mine was full of recycle, cases of Diet Pepsi and a dog crate so i just wrote in the dirt on the back door "Free Kittens", "Goldfish crackers cause cancer"and "Now available: 24 hour Barney Channel" to scare the parents and wore this BCBG puffer coat and Mudd boots as a Canadian Britney