Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big whoop

Remember the Units store at Castleton in the late 1980's? A great concept of cotton jersey knit pieces that could be creatively mixed. Hey! It's a skirt/scarf/belt/bandeau! Whoo hoo! And everything came in those great period colors like green, purple, fuchsia and black. Aside from the fact my romantic nemesis, Courtney Houston, landed a job there right out of college, I did buy a few pieces. Anyhoo, what I am getting to is the new skirt/pants "zen" combo from Young, Fabulous and Rich for $118 that has all the blogs a twitter. I see yoga pants

Hey, I am going to the House of 5th launch party at forty five ten on mass ave tomorrow pm. I hope it does not suck. At least I will get some good sushi and tunes. meet me?