Monday, January 16, 2012

Wow. You know winter, not only cold but dry, like crispy chips on my lips dry. In my house the remedy is a thrift store crock pot filled with lemon peels, ginger powder and any close to expiring herbs I have in the produce drawer the is set on low and uncovered at all times. Just keep the water level up and you are golden. (Stop turning it off Fox! It will not combust!) Ok so now what about your face. I just CAN'T to the major peely AHA retinol etc in the winter but I can do the dissolving oil thing for sure. Armani has a really great one but for a better price go to Rub this delicious DHC oil on your face and all makeup, grease and unsightly stains will totally dissolve. Splash some warm water on after your rub in and you are squeaky clean yet not taut. That is a good thing really.