Monday, January 9, 2012

The sweatshirt thing just kills me

Gosh feels likes ages since I've been on here. I actually, for a moment, thought I was so over it but my malaise has lifted so "Oh Hai!" A quick trip to Chicago for Christmas yielded a lovey pressie from Fox in the form of a little AllSaints Spitalfiels shopping spree. I am delighted in general to just hang out in the cavernous hall with all the old repurposed printing presses and sewing machines (and fab frocks of course!) but Patience let me try on everything, and that I did. I was sad to leave behind a long knit dress with a leather harness (boobs too big) and an all over fringed leather number which must have has a magic invisible zipper because there was no way that could even fit over a human head but I did get a few really great dresses (see one above) to be debuted at later events. See that? Even the safety pins are terribly detailed in the steampunk tradition. All the childrens clothes were marked 75% off as they were being discontinued. Yes you heard me, no, not about the 75% off but that they have kids stuff. For E. Gorey offspring I guess