Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Accidentally wandered into TURF after the farmers market and oh baby what a delight. With my ice cream from Lick melting in my Boat N Tote, I explored gallery after gallery of art installations. Located at 202 Alabama in some old city bulding (Sorry Tiff! I just can't remember.....)it is an amazing, immersive wonderland of experiences from the obvious to the sublime. Even the children were enchanted, (perhaps there is hope for those philistines!)oddly, it reminded me a bit of a book I just read called the Night Circus, with all the rooms and sensations (too much to explain here, just get it, K?) My faves: Jeff Martin: Switch: tho' I have seen this party trick before, it never fails to delight with it's interactive shadow chasers Greg Hull: Mediated Terrian: video waterfall: Just fun Kipp Normand: Fanfare for Mayor Charles Bookwalter: the amount of detail Kipp puts into his pieces is amazing yet never feels contrived. Every item he uses is imbued with history and lost stories Holly Streekstra: Step on this Side of the Curtain: I have to admit this delight is purely personal. Quite frankly, this Victorian parlor simulation with it's odd dusty patina, flickering lights and eerie sounds is a lot like my house. I am ok with that Nick Allman: Coffee Table: K, I had to explain to the children why indeed this was so amazing.("Look at the floor, the sputtering life light inside! Oh, just forget it") Looking merely like a floor joist rebellion, this crashed vintage frige brings to mind Maurizio Cattelans "Pope & Meteor" work with it's damaged heart of the kitchen. While Nick is a great designer for modern commercial spaces his personal works are about deconstrction and demoliton and the beauty of transition. Lovely Really I like every bit of it quite a lot. And it's FREE