Saturday, May 30, 2009

You gotta a fight for your right to dress like an idiot

Trying to go 80's for Hairbangers Ball but I just can't do neon again. Or the blazer with stirrups and lingerie top. Or tiered mini skirt with Keds and cropped Jams shirt. Big hair, clearly, not a problem. If you have never seen this band, I highly recommend going. Totally fun with wild wigs and really good music. There was a bit of eyerolling at a Whitesnake song but over all just rockin' the nostalgia thing. I left a little trail of glitter, aka 90's rave but still, every where I went, thanks to this cheap ass shirt. Oh! Got an invitation to Frankeys 1 year anniversary party this Thursday night. Can't attend myself, but could you check it out and report back? Thanks for doing my job
Peoples Liberation jeans, F. A. N. G. tank, Dior ID bracelet