Friday, December 26, 2008

Truly a black Friday

I am fearful, as in filled with fear, for the well being of my retail friends. Nowhere I went today from Dillards to Toys R Us to Kmart to Goodwill had nary a deal or customer to be seen. Come on, 50% of regular prices on fall!! I want 75 at least. OK Guess had an additional 60% off clearance but my closet is just full up on hoochie summer party dresses so I could not take advantage. Online was much better. I got this Felix Ray neck warmer thingy from Gilt because my scarf tying skills are abysmal unless, funnily enough, I am in Italy or New York City, where I must pick it up by osmosis. Anywhoo, Gilt Groupe and Ruelala has some nice clearance and I am headed over to Nieman Marcus and to see what they have for mamma