Monday, December 15, 2008

I know squirrel not crow but still funny

So I was having a good day, then a cautiously good day, then a really good day and then a really, really bad day but it ended all good when I read at the gym my favorite edition of the New York Times magazine "The Year in Ideas." People (even you!) are always having ideas that if brought to fruition could make them millions of dollars. Like my sister's idea to import hard cider back in '92, or my high school boyfriends idea of a tongue scraper in "86, both of which are now in production, or my sister's ex's idea about sports licenced office chair covers, feel free to steal that one. I am not quite done reading it but the best so far is the Vending Machine for Crows. OK, so crows like shiny things like coins, they are always picking them up. If they figure out they can put them in a vending machine which will then dispense seed and corn, well, everybody wins. Crow-take-advantager-vending machine-owner gets rich, the crows get fat and coin pollution is kept to a minimum. God, just genius