Tuesday, December 9, 2008

15 days

Reviewing other blogs, I see I have been remiss by excluding a holiday gift guide. Apparently it is mandatory. So lets get started. Umm, well, I may be kind of snotty about this but you cannot go wrong with books. Amazon can point you to some obscure hobby themes, I find Dads unilaterally love some kind of war biography. Or go local. The IMA has a great new design center i am sure you have heard all about and they have some really cool shelter and furniture tomes that will appeal to your arty friend or just one who likes to think they are all highbrow. they will think you are the greatest for realizing their good taste. Everybody wins!! Esty.com is that crafting site and i get a little frustrated because there is. just. so. damn. much. product. But you can kind of narrow it down by kid/baby/jewelry/prices limits and that makes it bearable. i got this cool cape from superflykidzshop for $12 for my niece and you can get a custom one for $36 but it probably too late for that. Never underestimate a person attachment to their pets. Breed specific dog stuff (ornament, notepad, decorative pillow) or just some funny biscuits (poochie sushi) will seriously impress unless they have crossed the kid threshold in which, to quote John Couger Mellencamp "dogs become dogs". You can always make something. Cut up a sweater sleeve to make a coffee huggie. Glue/sew something fun to glove wrists. Dig out that memory card. Snapfish has some fun products you can make with your yearly photo tally. What else can you possibly get your mom anyway, she buys whatever she needs/wants, besides a mug commemorating your family trip to Cabo? Am I right?