Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Swanky Abode yes quite

Have you ever tried to do a U-ie on Westfield Blvd in downtown Carmel? It can be done and so worth it if you are heading to Swanky Abode in the Indiana Design Center. But you must hurry, as this pop up shop is a limited time offer, vanishing in December. Full of serious retro furniture and an amazing turquoise leather sofa, this Columbus Ohio outpost will fill all of your mid mod needs. Cutie Isreal Jones also stocks MTW spray paint which is kind of a big deal, I guess. Taggers?? Even if you are not into retro,(thats Ok, more for me) the "Best seller" candles are worth a sniff and he is happy to enlighten you on the bird chair providence which i assure you, you will find facinating

3 awesome pendant lights $600. My friend Dave also has this design in round chandeliers he snagged from an IGA in rural Illinois, msg me.