Saturday, November 12, 2011

Look Muffy a book for us

Do you miss the J Crew catalog circa 1990? Yeah, me neither. But in case you beg to differ, Jack Wills University Outfitters will bring you the collegiate sweatshirts, kakhi pants and blazers of yesteryore. Busily selling prepware in England for years, they have made the jump stateside in light of the Will and Kate fascination with all things British. In fact, their tagline is "Fabulously British" with a dapper pheasant silhouette for a mascot. (which I like quite a lot, it is smashing!)A few nods to modernity do abide such as fab beaded flapper dress, shrunken tux jacket, sweatpants worn with heels and skinny colorful jeans. Guy stuff too, but aside from the shoes, quite concservative.