Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm so confused. Inspired or just a big FU steal-athon?

wow when I first saw the ads in my (subscribed for) New York Times yeah, I'm liberal, I'm cultured, I'm um whateve) for C Wonder i shrieked with delight thinking Kate Spade escaped her Liz Claiborn shackels and was once again opening her own store, then I thought maybe the Juicy Couture girls decided to go cutie then I figured the Contemporary Art Museum in Chicago decided to go mainstream yet NO. Chris Burch, formerly married /giving a poke to designer Tory Burch, has decided to open a lifestyle store and oh yes it is glorious. Pink retro bikes, graphic face pillows and serious mirrored furniture are justa teeny bit of the offerigns chez CB. Tantilizingly, it is storefront only but I say if you are going to pay the big gun adverts you MUST have a shopable website. Retail 101 jeez