Friday, July 27, 2012

Bluebeard yum yum

First of all I'd like to thank all my fans for your multiple page loads and commenting. Every click raises my stats and keeps those Google checks coming. Kiss kiss

Finally made it to the hottest spot in town, Bluebeard in Fountian Square, or maybe it's Fletcher Place, I'm sure someone will let me know which. Do not let the horrifying road repair deter you, just go down the alley off McCarthy and park in the Hinge alley (DINNER ONLY, never lunch). Choose the shady patio or the back bar room with it's post industrial decor and count the typewriters game. Drinks are plentiful with craft beers (of course), extensive wine list and weirdly wonderful cocktails. The menu, well, as Fox said, it is just too much. Every dish has multiple local ingrediants with an emphasis on pickles (yay!), light on red meat prefering to focus on  hand processed porks and sausages. Packed salads, simple sides like radishes w sea salt & butter and a cheese plate that would make my famous cheesemonger friend Christina pee her pants. I was literally was paralyzed with indecision. Perhaps the raw oysters with watermelon mignonette? No? Ended up with the sashimi fluke and Fox got the meatiest thing on the menu: mackeral w mozarella. Portions are small but so amazingly complex and flavorful you feel fully satisfied. Go: of you like Black Market and Libertine. Stay Away: if you like Dennys or Hooters