Monday, March 9, 2009


A very heavy and sloshing package arrives on my front porch every month. It is filled with a magic elixir to restore health, anti inflame things and remove $250 from your bank account. Got something a little extra this time. Now I am a complete eye roller when it comes to Out Of The Jungle potions but smear it on my face and I am all over it. Xango realizes people just don't want to just feel good they want to look it too and have introduced a skincare line called glimpse, full of made up Bioactive x3 complex. I tried the 4 step routine tonight. Cleanser got in my eye and burned a bit yet did not take off all my eye makeup. Toner- nice, Serum- a little thin, I am spoiled by Dr. Pat Wexlers whipped gel luxury, moisturizer-chemical smell but not sticky. I'll let you know how I look in the morning