Friday, March 13, 2009

Run on sentence Friday

I finally got to Girly Chic, and though I got a parking ticket for my trouble, I also snagged a super cute dress and some face time with the owner Kate. Very much like the old location as far as cuteness of decor. I found the clothing still darling, now there's a word you don't use everyday, and comfortable with lots of knits and fun patterns. In a better location, across from Boogie Burger, yum, the probable increase in rent is not reflected in the prices, while never on par with say, French Pharmacie, could sometimes seem a little chere for what you were getting, but now seem quite delightfully inexpensive. I went to Frankey's also and while I was kind of meh about the new spring stuff, they did have several 75% off sale racks and it is totally my duty to make you aware of that