Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Todays Finds

Detail of the Tory Burch Fox Loafer. Does not look thrilled to be wearing the barrette, does she? While I love all things fox this is a bit cutesy for me. Plus it's a flat. Need to read the tell all in Vanity Fair about T and C Burch. Apparently their divorce was not as friendly as reported and now he is mackin' on her demographic with his C Wonder line. God, get your own career, you shiny ex!

Who went to the Tuesday Morning shoes sale today? Who was mad they got up early to go to the Tuesday Morning shoes sale today? In a brief survey: aka eavesdropping, I'd say 90%. Everything was damaged, mismarked and just oddly fitting. I did score a bunch of Eiffel Tower stuff. People just LOOOOOVE the Eiffel Tower