Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's like a mini Austin

You want some cute boys, y'all, you need to head south the Louisville. Sure, they look they the just fell off the Goodwill truck and/or are Amish, can I talk for a minute here about beards? Haaaaate. Anyhoo, I saw some seriously great outfits, tons of vintage on everyone which should not surprise me since there were many many amazing places to buy it. The famous Dot Fox offered some well edited selections, for dudes even, as well as some new trendy garb, a good way to mix it up, not everyone gets the whole used clothing thing. Speaking of used, there was not just one, but two Unique thrifts, oh how I miss the Indy one. And while I completely on purpose avoided the Slugger and Mohammad Ali museum, I did hang out at 21C, the most amazing hotel/bar/sullen bride viewing/ contemporary art museum ever. I am totally staying there next time, eating olive cured tuna, drinking house made tonic water and buying wooden eyeglasses at the gift shop.
J crew ruffle tank. Coach bubble flip flops, vintage bear skirt