Wednesday, April 15, 2009

R U coming to America?

I know this is totally old, try September of last year, but must share the Vicktor and Rolf doll show which is a re-creation of their greatest hits, alarmingly enough the curtain rod one is considered this, completely on a 1:10 scale. I have expressed on this forum my overwhelming fascination with V&R, esp. the pillow dress and i am equally mesmerized by the fact they each outfit was created as a couture piece from the teeny hand made lace to the giant stuffed "no" on fall 2007's coat. I am remembering a personal abysmal failure to make a scale garment inspired by a suit from Victoria's Secret catalog, of all places, hey, it was the 90's, in a fashion design class at BGSU and have to give them total props considering they have already done this outfit once and repeats are so boring